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'Luca Bluefire' - new single 'Signs'

We featured Icelandic instrumental post rock band Náttfari last week, and we received a positive response to our recommendation, so we'll start this week with Danish project 'Luca Bluefire', with a release which is very much in a similar style. Behind the name is musician and multi-instrumentalist Luca Giancotti, who has spent most of his musical career playing for and touring with other acts (such as Indie/folk band White Ocean), but more recently worked on his own projects such as the dream pop collaboration 'Himmel', and the heavier rock project 'A Blue Fire' with drummer Raoul Lombardo.

His latest release is the song 'Signs', and it opens with classic post rock understatement, allowing the opening guitar sound to resonate, before the main musical theme is introduced, taking the listener on an atmospheric journey which might lack the huge dynamic surges which other post rock bands sometimes offer, but is melodically persuasive by being gentle and sensitive in its delivery. The track is more guitar orientated than some of the other Luca Bluefire' releases that I've heard, which with our obvious bias is always going to be more appealing to us.

This is 'Signs':

Fore more information on 'Luca Bluefire' you can visit his page here.

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