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Introducing.... 'J. Ihminen' with single 'Hetken'

Just a quick new artist introduction this morning, before we get on with this mornings important tasks, which really should involve trying to lock up a corrupt despotic Prime Minister*, but in reality probably involves spreadsheets. I say 'introduction', because actually 'J. Ihminen' is not exactly new to Nordic Music Review, because he was featured as part of that great little Finnish Indie band we like so much, 'Giant Giant', whom I was only thinking about the other week. Sadly we have no new music from them for the moment, but Jukka Ihminen has been writing his own material too, and the first release is the single 'Hetken'.

'Hetken' is written in Finnish, which I always find a lovely soft appealing language to listen to in songs (Rami Vierula, Laura Moisio), and this has a slightly wistful charm which I like. Whilst 'Giant Giant' songs were driven along by intense indie guitars, 'J Ihninen's' solo material creates more of a vision of his natural surroundings and allows time for contemplation, and this is probably best appreciated by watching the video which accompanies it - simple enough but it helps contextualise the music, especially as a non Finnish speaker.

Anyway this is 'Hetken':

'J. Ihminen' is pretty new as a solo artist and you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter.

* Please note that reference is for UK readers only. USA readers should try and lock up their corrupt despotic President instead. Thanks.

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