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'Eik Octobre' with track 'Take Me Somewhere Else'

We are getting a lot of classically influenced submissions and releases being sent to us, and we welcome them all - maybe we should ensure we feature one every week. One track which has particularly stood out this week is by Danish artist Eik Octobre, who has released the lovely 'Take Me Somewhere Else', a piano based composition which I think is really nicely written and performed.

Behind 'Eik Octobre' is Emil Skovsgaard Christensen, and similarly to many artists he started writing to express often sorrowful feelings that allowed him time to contemplate and move forward to more positives times. Although just 28 he already has 2 EPs' behind him, and there are some lovely compositions to discover - try the gorgeous 'Everyone goes to this Place' as well as the particularly reflective 'Piece for the Quiet.


'Take Me Somewhere Else' is written with a poise and a thoughtfulness in the musical expression that really allows you to get carried away with the track, which flows gracefully, shifting as if a river or stream is carrying you along different currents away to a better place. I'm no expert but I like the performance too, with subtle decelerations and pauses that add to the character of the music.

This is 'Take Me Somewhere Else';

And you can find Eik Octobre on Facebook, Spotify and Instagram.

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