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'Plàsi' - Mystery (EP)

So we've introduced 2 artists new to Nordic Music Review, so next we'll feature a couple that we've written about previously, although now for a while. Last time we featured 'Plàsi' was back in 2017 when he released his single 'Follow Me', and then led on to the release of an album entitled 'People', which is still well worth checking out if you haven't come across it before.

For those who haven't heard 'Plàsi' previously, well he is half Swedish / half Greek artist, born Mikael Bitzarakis, on the island of Crete but growing up in Stockholm and studying at the Rytmus Music School. He's a prolific songwriter, with a stream of songs available on streaming services, and his music is folk influenced melodic pop, which is extremely accessible but never strays too far towards overly commercial style tracks, and always retain an originality which gives them an identity.

His new EP is entitled 'Mystery' and it opens with the lovely 'Sorrow', with typically familiar finger picked guitar carrying through the song through accompanied by an appealing melody. 'Colors' is based around more of a traditional melody, but with expressive lyrics that paints vivid pictures and I really like the soft understated brass instrumentation that sits in the background but never overwhelms the song. 'Bright' picks up the pace with more animated guitar strumming, an upbeat effective track built around a simple structure, but that works as an interlude from the delicate songs on the EP. I particularly like the lyrics on 'Strangers' and again the muted brass contribution adds a different texture to the sound, whilst title track 'Mystery' really creates a different and darker atmosphere, slightly unexpected but powerful in its own way. And the EP ends with 'Even If', a positive song that looks forward to the always bright times ahead.

'Mystery' is a thoughtful expressive EP with lovely melodies at it's heart, and irresistible guitar accompaniments. I can really see why 'Plàsi's' reputation is growing across borders. And from the EP this is 'Sorrow':

You can find out more on 'Plàsi' on his website or Facebook page.

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