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Day Felice - 'Medicine' (from album 'Go On')

We have so much to cram in over the next few days and promise we'll get through more than last week, and we'll start off with an upbeat track from yet another Swedish artist we haven't featured before. 'Day Felice' is songwriter with a softness of musical touch, chamber indie pop that is both elegant and easy on the ear, whilst at the same time being based upon complex musical and lyrical ideas. His new track 'Medicine' (from his debut album 'Go On') is a great example.

So 'Day Felice' is a multi-talented artist, who first came to prominence as an actor (including HBO’s “Vikings”) , but actually he has years of piano training behind him, followed by experience of playing with other musical groups before eventually being signed as a singer songwriter in his own right. We probably spend a lot of time focussing on the latest Indie Rock sound, or traditional folk influenced songwriters, but 'Day Felice' simply writes songs from his heart, with big melodies and a pretty timeless and genre free approach similar maybe to that of bands like 'Keane' .

His new album 'Go On' therefore has a free spirited feel, opening with the catchy 'Weakness', and the previously released 'Silence' is a real highlight, with a lovely piano contribution and a delicate vocal line. But we'd recommend the final track 'Medicine', which has a euphoric and almost epic quality, building slowly from an understated opening, layering on drums and harmonies before the big chorus just over 2 minutes in. But again it's the piano in the instrumental section and hints of a jazz influence that really appeals, and although it's certainly very different from our staple musical fare, I liked it as soon as I heard it.

This is 'Medicine':

Don't forget the album 'Go On' by 'Day Felice' is out now, so go check it out, and you can find him on Facebook or Instagram.

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