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'Calle Hamre' - 'Different Tale'

We really need to get to some outstanding album reviews ('Moron Police' and 'The Sideways' in particular), but we really do have a great selection of tracks to feature over the next few days, and I really hope we can get to them all. We'll start with a lovely track from Norwegian songwriter 'Calle Hamre', which has a simple intent in many ways, but just oozes a melodic charm that I promise will brighten your Tuesday morning commute on these darkening mornings.

So 'Calle Hamre' is another artist from Bergen, home to some of our favourite artists and bands (as well as 'Major Parkinson') and has been an integral part of the music community there for many years, playing with interesting indie bands such as Butterfly Garden and Kong Klang, and managing the renowned Havnelageret Music Studio. He's released a healthy collection of singles in his own right over the years, and the latest is 'Different Tale', which popped up only last Friday.

This is just an immediate hit, launching pretty much straight into a timeless, if slightly melancholy sounding, 60's influenced tune that just feels so natural and at home, and it's accompanied by soft instrumentation that just carry the track along. As someone once said, 'it's all about the tunes innit', and 'Calle Hamre' has written a really a great little melodic and slightly indie pop track, that I guarantee everyone will like. It's also totally radio friendly, so hopefully he'll get some good traction with it too.

This is 'Different Tale':

Anyway we have more Bergen artists to write about this week (including 'St Bennett's' and that long awaited 'Moron Police' review), and for more details on 'Calle Hamre' please visit him on his Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter pages.

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