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Tapetown Sessions: 'Heathe' - 'On the Tombstones; The Symbols Engraved' (excerpt)

We've been meaning to drop this in for the last couple of weeks, and after featuring a couple of radio friendly songwriters, it feels like a good time to balance that up with a really hard hitting, but totally engrossing track (or at least some of it) from Danish band 'Heathe', which was recorded as part of the 'Tapetown Sessions' which we've featured so regularly on these pages.

So 'Heathe' are from 'Aalborg', and they're actually a fluid line-up based around project leader and singer Martin Pale. After releasing a demo back in 2016 on the Danish label Vaishyas they disappeared for 3 years before returning this year with the extraordinary 'On the Tombstones; The Symbols Engraved', a 41 minute single track album which has to be heard to be appreciated and believed.

For the Tapetown sessions they brought 8 musicians, including 4 guitarists, resulting in the studios announcing that they'd just set a new 'loudness' record. Just watch this searing, almost stiflingly intense stoner rock performance from 'Heathe', with vocalist Martin Pale somehow making himself heard above the wall of sound. The only musical equipment which doesn't appear to be being used in the studio is the small upright piano in the corner, but there's clearly no chance of anyone hearing it anyway.

This is the excerpt from 'On the Tombstones; The Symbols Engraved':

You can follow 'Heathe' on Facebook, and for more details on the ever excellent 'Tapetown Sessions' visit them here.

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