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'Callus' - 'Lanterns' (single)

After the intense and dark sounds of 'Heathe', we'll switch direction completely and introduce a very different style of release, courtesy of Swedish indie trip-hop band 'Callus'. These guys are not only new to Nordic Music Review, but still relatively new as a band, having started in the summer of 2018, and with just a few tracks released, but they all seem to have made an impression, with a fair number of streams on Spotify and coverage in music blogs such as 'Come Here Floyd' - and those guys know a good tune when they hear one.

Their latest song is 'Lanterns'', an irresistible track with laid back controlled beats, subtly infused electronica and vocals which set out a slightly melancholy melody. To an extent there is an air of mystery about everything here, but lyrically the message seems pretty clear - 'Everybody burns out, you fly too high you come back down'. But the thing is that I liked this as soon as I heard it, there's nothing 'in your face' here, no attempts to blast you with noise, just a slightly dreamy smooth song, with attractive vocals. Callus have done all the hard work here, and we can just chill out and enjoy the result.

This is 'Lanterns':

Also check out Spotify (or similar) for the equally enjoyable '1000 Lies' from 2018, whilst 'Fortune' from earlier this year has a slightly different feel about it too.

And you can find them on Spotify, Facebook or Instagram.

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