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In Short: 'Kalandra' - new video 'The Waiting Game'

It doesn't really seem like 5 years since we saw 'Kalandra' supporting Moddi at the 'Castle Hotel' in Manchester, or indeed first wrote about them, but this band have developed such a good reputation from those that have heard them, and it's such a privilege to have been able to follow their progress. The band, consisting of Katrine Ødegård Stenbekk, Florian Bernhard Döderlein Winter and Jogeir Daae Mæland. released their debut EP 'Beneath the Breaking Waves' back in 2017 and I'm pretty sure they're slowly working towards an album release at some point.

Their latest video is 'The Waiting Game' and both musically and in the production it has an epic cinematic feel to it. It was filmed by, and made in collaboration with Ragnarok Film, directed and produced by Ole Fredrik Wannebo, and it's well worth watching.

Also, unknown to us, there was a live session recorded of them at 'Nerver', and which was released earlier this year. I've watched this today and it's absolutely stunning. Have a watch yourself here.

'Kalandra' will be heading off on a Christmas tour starting on December 18th in Drammen, before heading to none other than Ålesund, which of course is a nice coincidence given we've just interviewed 'Alba' from the band 'Ålesund', whom we interviewed literally a stones throw from the 'Castle Hotel' where we first saw 'Kalandra' - and live I could hear a few similarities in the atmospheric music that they're creating.

Full 'Kalandra' tour details on their website.

Read our 'Ålesund' interview here:


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