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In Short: 'The Stillwalkers' - 'Concrete Heart' (single)

Whilst we work on 'other things' this week we're getting straight to the point and bringing you up to date with some latest Nordic releases, and today it's the turn of our favourite Finnish melody makers 'The Stillwalkers' who have released a new single entitled 'Concrete Heart. Now we know we always enthusiastic about these guys, but their latest single is quite possibly their best release yet, an intense 6 minutes which builds to the most glorious vocal 'climax' just at precisely 4 mins 20 when we're told not to look over our shoulders. We need to try and find out when (and where...) their new album release concert will be and see if it's at all practical to get over and see it.... it probably won't be, but we have to at least try. This is 'Concrete Heart'.

Visit them on Facebook.

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