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'Benedikt' - 'Pope Francis' (single)

We wrote about 'Benedikt' earlier this year when they released their track 'Paper Mache', and we were going to write about their debut album 'Communal Work', but things got a bit complicated at the end of May. Most bands release albums and then disappear into hibernation for a couple of years whilst they recover and start the writing process again, but not 'Benedikt'. The group of 9 indie folk musicians that loosely comprise the band are clearly all prolific writers and arrangers and their new single 'Pope Francis' is, rather remarkably, the new single from their 2nd album, which they plan to release in 2020.

The foundation for 'Pope Francis' was written by songwriter Hans Olav Settems (who formed the band) as he walked to the studio after a stressful day, and it simply was a way of relaxing and 'calming myself down'. Inevitably however the collective musicians are able to develop the track in the most gorgeous way, this time after the subtlest of openings through the gradual build up of instrumentation, with brass at the fore, to a genuinely beautiful and rich textured climax. And then it just fades.

I think this should be really well received:

We will try not to miss out on the next 'Benedikt' album when that's released, and in the meantime you can find them on Facebook or Instagram.

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