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'Cherokee Death Cats' - 'Sick' EP

After featuring 'rauður' and 'Elmarit', I do feel we need to mix things up somewhat, and 'Cherokee Death Cats' sound like the perfect band to do it. They're an Anglo / Swedish duo based out of Gothenburg, comprising Bea Persson and Rat Westlake and their music is a mix of garage rock and dirty pop punk - written with a directness that pretty much means you always know what you're going to get.

So the latest 'Cherokee Death Cats' EP was released on 1st November, but it comes not too long after their debut EP 'No No No' was re-released in April. Shortly after they signed with US publishers and media company Position Music and the single "Do to me", which is also on the EP, was released in September. We almost wrote about that at the time, but didn't quite have the space, but thankfully these guys are loved by bloggers and music websites across the world, with coverage in Portugal to Australia. Inevitably with this style of music, the band have also been making a pretty good impression on the Swedish underground music scene live, with appearances at the likes of 'Sticky Fingers' - always a great place for us to check listings for the latest guitar / punk bands.

The entire EP 'Sick' is worth checking out, from the opening 'Go On' with a huge guitar riff and solo, to the catchy rhythmic strains of 'Do to Me', which continues to grow on me, whilst I love the lyrics in 'Sick', which builds to an explosive conclusion with vocals screaming 'I'm so sick, I'm so sick, I'm so sick. 'Medicine Boy' is quite simply slightly odd, but we love our oddities here, and it has an addictively likeable chorus with a punk infused nursery rhyme tune. And it all concludes with 'Leech', a frenetic 2 minute track led by a splendid bass line, and Bea Persson's vocals are in their element, wild, playful and always compelling listening.

With songs of 2-3 minutes 'Sick' is pretty entertaining stuff, and you can find out more on the band on their Facebook page.

'Sick' was recorded at Gothenburg’s Nacksving studios and are mixed and produced by Anders Lagerfors (Pale Honey, Bellaroush and more).

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