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'The Bongo Club' - 'No Expectations' (single)

We often like to highlight bands that push genre boundaries, and mix up styles of music, but there's nothing wrong with a belting classic 'Indie Rock' song - the type that will have you singing along on a festival field sometime in high summer. 'The Bongo Club' do exactly that with their new single 'No Expectations', and similarly to Finnish band 'Mantaray' that we featured earlier, this is a band who also plan to release a new album early next year.

They're also new to Nordic Music Review, a conventional 4 piece line-up from Sweden, who released an album entitled 'Anybody Have a Lighter' in 2018 (check out 'Tell Your Friends' and my favourite 'Take Me On'), and then toured extensively across the globe, including multiple dates in Portugal, Spain and a fleeting appearance in London.

Their new track 'No Expectations' was released just a few days ago, and it has an even bigger almost 'stadium' style sound, which launches pretty much straight into an expansive musical theme, and whilst there's clearly influences from the likes of British bands such as Arctic Monkeys and even Oasis, there's a hint of early Arcade Fire in the chorus too. This is unapologetically upbeat and anthemic Indie Rock'n'Roll, written to be blazed out live, night after night - and after looking at their historic touring schedule, that looks exactly like what 'The Bongo Club' were planning anyway.

Take a listen to 'No Expectations':

You can find out mroe on 'The Bongo Club' by visiting their website or Facebook page.

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