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'YOHIO' - new single 'Defeating a Devil a Day'

We've already featured the new(ish) 'CeaseTone' track, and we can't deny that another 'favourite' of ours is the incomparable 'YOHIO' - the Swedish audio / visual artist who we wrote about previously when he released his singles 'My Nocturnal Serenade' and 'Merry Go Around'. His latest single is, somewhat preposterously, the 5th from his forthcoming album 'Neon Light Orchestra', entitled 'Defeating a Devil a Day', and as expected it's big, bold and totally brilliant.

'Defeating a Devil a Day' is simply gloriously catchy, and whilst it's undoubtedly true that all the singles we've heard are very much 'in the same style', this one does remind me of bands such as 'Jellyfish' and the much missed British band 'Jackdaw 4', both of whom had the ability to write great tunes seemingly at will. I really do like all his releases.

The following that 'YOHIO' has is extraordinary - the teaser to his new video, released a couple of weeks ago had 16,000 views and almost 700 comments on YouTube, following on from the 2 million views of 'My Nocturnal Serenade'.

This is the brand new video to 'Defeating a Devil a Day':

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