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'Helga Arvesten' -'AlrightRightNow' (single)

It's actually pretty remiss of us not to have written about Swedish songwriter 'Helga Arvesten' before, given she's released a steady stream of songs / EPs over the course of the last few years - in particular it's worth checking out a lovely video she did to her song 'I'm Here' last year. But we'll belatedly introduce her now, given that she's released a lovely song entitled 'AlrightRightNow', and it's a clever song that fuses together sounds and ideas from across the musical spectrum.

Her inspirations clearly reflect years as a youngster traveling the world, she's lived in places as diverse as the USA, Laos and Sri Lanka, and her music and art became a way of expressing herself after struggling with some insecurities and anxiety - the experiences from her nomadic childhood must have given her so much knowledge and understanding, but it must have been challenging also. Interestingly she has a quote from her hero David Bowie tattooed on her side reading ''All the knives seem to lacerate your brain, I've had my share, I'll help you with the pain, you're not alone'' - that's a pretty sizeable quote to have tattooed, but I completely understand how powerful that must be.

Her new single 'AlrightRightNow' is written about the further conflicts of the mind, specifically 'the pressure to live life to the fullest while spinning around in circles'. Because that's what we all do, we're pushed to have 'bucket lists' and find things that will satisfy our human curiosity, whether it be travelling or 'self developing'. Yet actually getting to the end of the day is sometimes a pretty sizable achievement. Musically it's well conceived and delivered song, with an unusual soundscape that will get inside your mind in a good way, and lyrically it quite simply but effectively delivers the point with the repetition of the message 'Are you Alright Right Now' - the echoing atmospheric harmonies are really effective too.

This is 'AlrightRightNow':

You can find Helga Arvesten on Facebook or YouTube.

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