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'lodet' - 'Volvo' (single)

We have another Album review ready to land shortly, but there's time for a just a very quick introduction to another artist we haven't featured before. Behind the moniker 'lodet' is the Swedish songwriter and producer 'Joakim Björnberg' and he's been writing music in Japan for the last few years, before deciding to release music in his own right.

'Volvo' is an interesting song that rattles along at a great pace, with a laid back melodic feel, that makes it easy to listen to. Apparently the song is a 'metaphor for when life takes a new turn and you leave something old behind'. Take a listen here, I particularly like the searing instrumental / guitar contribution at the end of the song.

Also check out 'Lodet's songs 'Calling' and 'Hagaduma', which were released earlier this year and which you can find on streaming services. Also visit him on Facebook.

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