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'happydieyoung' - one day i'll buy you the world (EP)

So we've started the year with a thumpingly good release and a welcome return from 'Major Parkinson', but inevitably we ran out of time in December before Christmas closed in on us and there are a few things we need to catch up on from last year. Appropriately we'll start again in Bergen with 'happydieyoung', an alternative pop band who I like because their music is slightly different and offbeat from the norm, but at the heart of it are still lovely melodies and thoughtfully conceived lyrics and instrumentals.

'happydieyoung' were formed back in late 2017, and quickly established themselves on the live scene in 2018 with an appearance at 'Vill Vill Vest'. A debut single followed, before also appearing at a Sofar Sounds gig (always recommended for finding nice artists and music) and then releasing an EP in May last year, alongside further performances at venues such Hulen and their 'Girl Interrupted Festival'.

Their EP 'one day i'll buy you the world' was released last year, and it is in some ways a curiosity because as demonstrated in the opening of 'Coffee and Patience' they're not trying to desperately grab your attention, instead offering low key vocals which focus attention on the lyrics - ''I'm not too bad but nothing to write home about / no superpower / not going out to find villains in the midnight hour'', and the song has really grown on me. I really like the way 'A Sad Song' opens up with a lovely melody some 1 minute in, there's a really interesting and unusual aesthetic that sets them apart from other artists, especially with the distorted vocals in the middle section which then develop with a lovely instrumental section, I really like the contrasts between the two. And in 'exhibition' there is a gorgeous melody with heartfelt vocals and lyrics, which will completely captivate your attention - it was definitely the track which appealed to me most on first listen.

Take a listen to 'happydieyoung' and their track 'exhibition':

You can find more details on their website and on Facebook.

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