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Introducing....'Dear Moon' with 'Queen of Silence' (single)

I'm still really tempted to do a mammoth feature on all the stuff we missed in 2019, a no nonsense journey around the Nordic regions trying to capture as many different styles and genres as possible, because the reality is that there's just so much good stuff out there that I keep coming across even now. Finnish band 'Dear Moon' would certainly have been included in that feature, but actually they warrant just that bit of extra attention anyway, because their debut single 'Dear Moon' is pretty marvellous, and they have lots of exciting plans for 2020.

So 'Dear Moon' are from Kuopio,which is yet another beautiful looking city that we definitely will have to visit on our Finnish tour next year. They only emerged early last year with some live performances in their home city, but already have an album recorded and due for release in 2020. The debut single 'Queen of Silence' is a high energy blend of electronic and conventional guitar rock, and they have the balance perfectly between the two, backed up with plaintive melancholy vocals, some particularly enjoyable drum work and a melodic instrumental section. The song also has a 'radio friendly' edge that should make it appealing to alternative music stations too - if they can get it in front of the right people.

Anyway this is 'Queen of Silence'.

Pretty good right? Anyway 'Dear Moon' have promised a new single in early 2020 and the album fairly soon, so we look forward to hearing new material. In the meantime catch them on Facebook and Instagram.

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