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'Lillith' - 'Beautiful Dreamers' (single)

We've featured a few bands last year who were returning after a long hiatus (I guess Treemer' from Finland were one of those), and Norwegian band 'Lillith' are another band who have been away for a long time, after releasing a really well received album back in 2010, and finally re-emerging from the shadows in the last week with a new single entitled 'Beautiful Dreamers'. They describe themselves as a 'noir pop rock band', which given the growth in Scandinavian noir culture in the intervening time is interesting in itself, and their return from the trio is really welcome, because 'Beautiful Dreamers' is a genuinely interesting song.

Their original album was entitled 'Once I Was Alive', and I've enjoyed listening to it after all this time, a pretty dark melancholy album lyrically and musically, without it being totally overpowering - try tracks such as 'Black Hole' as a fairly accessible introduction. Listening to 'Beautiful Dreamers' is a very different proposition, far more melodic, with an easy listening guitar accompaniment, a laid back alternative folk charm, but lyrically there is still an edge to the words, and the cello adds a 'rough', slightly harsher texture in the chorus, and the balance between 'darkness and light' works really well. I particularly like the warm instrumental section that emerges in the latter stages of the track, this time led by a more sumptuous sounding cello. It's a clever song, and fine comeback for the band.

Listen to 'Beautiful Dreamers' here:

We'll add 'Lillith' to our list of bands that we're looking forward to releasing albums in 2020, and we promise we'll try and cover the release in some form when it gets sent to us. You can find them on Facebook.

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