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'Big Fox' - 'Beast' (single)

The list of high quality Nordic album releases expected in the next couple of months is pretty extraordinary, and we'll add 'Big Fox', who will release her 3rd album, 'See How the Light Falls' in March. Behind 'Big Fox' is the singer songwriter Charlotta Perers, and it's fairly remiss of us not to have featured before, as although her last album was released back in 2013 she has received widespread attention for some excellent single releases in the last couple of years - including 'Sad Eyes', which was championed by the likes of Lauren Laverne and others. Sadly the release of her album was delayed by illness, but we're really looking forward to hearing it soon based on those recent releases.

'Beast' is written about our apparent need to use 'violence and fear to enforce order', and how as humans we have a way of justifying and explaining our actions as an apparent necessity. It's something that I've been thinking about a lot recently in many different contexts, and 'Big Fox' really hits the mark here, with a spiky pop backdrop contrasting with her soft but always authoritative vocals, and the lyrics in particular resonating. This is sophisticated alternative pop, whilst 'Big Fox' just has this ability to convey really personal persuasive messages in her music. Just have a listen to her albums 'Now' and the self titled 'Big Fox' to hear what I mean.

This is 'Beast':

We definitely have to cover the album release in some way, and you can find out more on 'Bix Fox' from her website, Soundcloud, Facebook or Instagram profile.

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