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'Linebug' - 'White Nights' (video / single)

We've written about Ida Wenoe's new single and forthcoming UK tour, and we'll stay in Denmark to feature the collaborative project between Line Bogh and digital visual artist Christian Gundtoft. We have of course written about Line Bogh previously, with 2 highly regarded albums to her name, most recently through 'Like Fire Like Fire', which was released back in 2017 and included tracks such as 'Yellow Moon' and the lovely 'Airplanes'. Her collaboration with Gundtoft started back in 2017 when they produced a joint music / video concept for a private party, and in 2019 released 2 songs / videos under the name 'Linebug'. aiming to fuse together the relationship between music, visual art and storytelling,

Given we haven't written about Christian Gundtoft, it's probably best if we explain, as he works at “Surrogaten”, a workspace for artists and musicians located in Hedehusene just outside of Copenhagen, and named due to the building being used to produce surrogate coffee in World War 2. They have contained studios, galleries and rehearsing spaces here since 2014, and whilst I can't find a collective place online for artists work from 'Surrogaten', it's clearly a wonderful hub of creative talent and expression.

'White Nights' is their latest release, and it was written about being in the midst of the toughest of depressions, something which can clearly effect us all, The song in itself is lovely, with a precision and delicacy in the vocals, a hint of the fragile, as well as a pleading tone which will make you stop what you're doing and watch and listen. The visual element of the video is stunning, incredibly clever uses of black and white images, the contrasts are so vivid, and when it breaks into colour there it seems to transmit a warmth and a ray of positivity out of the video. The song is available on Spotify, but I really recommend you watch both the video and listen to the song together.

There are over 2000 hand drawn frames by Christian Gundtoft in the video, which is just phenomenal in it itself. The duo have also created a live show with the drawings projected on to stage and interacting with Line during her performance. A huge tour starts tomorrow in Düsseldorf, and for more details please visit their Facebook or Instagram page.

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