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'Remington super 60' - 'New EP' (EP)

I had to double check that 'Remington Super 60' had actually named their new EP with the title 'New EP', and it's a release we've been really looking forward to hearing at Nordic Music Review. We featured them back in November when they released the gorgeous 'Fake Crush', and also enjoyed adding their historic Christmas songs to our home festive playlist. Now they've released the full EP of 6 songs, and it's a lovely set of laid back 60's inspired alternative pop tracks.

So just to remind you all, Remington Super 60 are Norwegian, and they were founded by songwriter, producer and record label owner Christoffer Schou, who joined together with singer Elisabeth Thorsen, with some support from musician Magnus Abelsen. Originally describing themselves as a 'Casio bedroom pop band', they've kind of moved on from that, although their songs retain a lo-fi spirit, with a simplicity that gives them a charm and a feeling that they've written these songs out of pure love for the type of music they produce.

'New EP' opens with 'The Highway Again', and immediately I feel I'm in a warm comfy place, easy going guitar and synths offer a flowing accompaniment to Thorsen's gorgeous vocals, and the harmonies are lush, dreamy and totally enticing. I pretty much guarantee that you'll love this within seconds of hearing it. 'I Dont Wanna Wait' has a similar instrumental format, and the vocals are even more dreamy, reminding me a little of Liz Hunt from 'The School', even if the music is in an alternative style. Pre-release single 'Fake Crush' remains as enticing and enjoyable as when I first heard it, whilst instrumental 'Tropical Drone Pop' offers a nice interlude, and something alternative from the norm. 'Dreaming of Summer' is almost horizontal in it's approach, with particularly endearing harmonies (and even a hint of early 'Lush' perhaps?), with long instrumental sections because there's really no need to sing when you're floating so peacefully on a boat. Final track 'Dina Hender' concludes the EP, and it has taken slightly more time to grow on me, slightly different in its approach but with a lovely melodic hook accompanied by spoken lyrics and its actually been the track that I've had on repeat most this morning.

This is a really gorgeous set of songs, with lovely 60's influenced melodies that infuse slowly into the mind, with always subtle and well judged instrumental support to Elisabeth Thorsen's stand out vocals. And its not just Nordic Music Review that rate this band, they've had some lovely coverage on music websites across the world, which is a sure sign that these guys have made a real genuine impression with this release. You can visit them on Facebook or Website.

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