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Introducing… Talitha Ferri - 'Home' (single)

We love to mix up the styles of music we feature, and after the curious strains of Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio, we're delighted to introduce you to 'Talitha Ferri', an artist who only released her debut single last week - although the fact that it was premiered in the wonderful Goldflake Piant (Issue 5 coming out soon!) is a pretty good indicator of the quality of the release.

'Talitha Ferri' is a Danish / American songwriter based in Copenhagen, and over the course of the last few years she's developed her reputation as a live performer, with countless gigs firstly back in Florida, and then in Denmark, including an appearance at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Her single release 'Home' is the 1st from a forthcoming album entitled 'Get Well Soon', released through 'Soulpod Collective'. And whilst I mentioned the lovely premiere in 'Goldflake Paint, Talitha has also been featured in the excellent 'Revue' and our favourite Finnish music blog, 'One Chord to Another'.

'Home' is a stunning debut which seems to have made an immediate impact with everyone who has heard it. I think it's the quality of the vocals which hit first, with the opening words 'soft and frail' almost perfectly describing how they sound - although there's more warmth than frailty in her voice. And the lyrics too are simple, pointed and absorbing - 'You smoke too much and I'm scared you might die, and I joke too much because I'm scared I might cry''. Combined with the lovely melody and beautiful instrumentation, with subtle well judged violin, the effect is just so convincing and compelling. I'm sure there are equally impressive debuts from artists that we've featured, but I'm struggling to think of when and who that might be - not that there's any real benefit from comparing anyhow.

This is 'Home':

Pretty impressive? You can visit Talitha on Facebook, and we'll try to feature the album when it comes out in May too.

Also please try to have a listen to another artist releasing through 'Soulpod Collective', Anima & Ennui, and you can find them on Facebook also, as well as on Spotify - their new single 'My Sun, My Soon' is also worth listening to.

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