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Alice Boman - 'Dream On' (album) and UK / US tour dates

One album we haven't had chance to cover in detail is the debut album release from Swedish songwriter Alice Boman, which was released a few weeks back. It seems strange that 'Dream On' is her debut album given she has been writing and performing for so long now - her debut EP 'Skisser' ('Sketches') was released back in 2013, originally meant as 'bedroom demos' but then released in their original form when a record label heard and liked them, and since then she has established herself as an internationally respected artist and songwriter.

She has retained that beautifully personal sound in 'Dream On', with her vocals a whispered perfection, impeccably judged, measured and the delivery of the words so precise that you will find yourself completely captivated by both the melodies and intimate lyrical content. And it's the combined weight of all the tracks on the album that is so impressive rather than any one song, although the pointed 'Heart on Fire' (''I wish I'd never met you, wasted so much time'') and 'It's OK, It's Alright' resonate particularly powerfully.

And the good news for UK and our many US readers is that she is about to arrive in the UK for 3 dates before heading to the US, starting on Sunday (23rd Feb) in lovely Brighton at 'The Latest Music Bar', before coming to one of our favourite Manchester venues 'Gullivers' on Monday Feb 24th and then concluding at London Union Chapel on Feb 25th. She then has Swedish tour dates in April, before embarking on that USA tour starting in New York on 14th April, and concluding in Portland on April 26th.

Full tour details and tickets can be found on her website.

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