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'Signe' - 'Halfway' (EP)

We've always made an extra effort to cover Nordic artists in the UK, and whilst 'Signe' might be Norwegian born, she's been based in beautiful Bath for sometime, which has always had a good reputation for arts and concerts. Her debut EP may have taken a while to finally see the light of day, but she's built an impressive reputation performing live, supporting the likes of Beth Rowley and performing at the Bath Festival and other local venues. Now that 'Halfway' has been released, we're really able to see the lovely quality in her songwriting and her vocals - but based around being a traditional 'storyteller' too, which always appeals to me.

'Halfway' opens with 'Promises', and there's a warm comforting feeling in the opening guitar line, before the vocals are introduced and 'Signe' gorgeous vocals are revealed, and whilst I really dislike saying that vocalists have a 'Nordic' sound, Signe has exactly that, but mixed with a charming almost childlike innocence, which gives it what has been described as a 'fairytale' feeling. But actually 'Promises' is particularly powerful because of the expressive phrases in the song - ''He used to quote Shakespeare... and Winnie the Pooh'', is particularly charming,

'Meet Me Halfway' is such a stand out song, a gorgeous lilting melody in both verse and chorus, with such a precision to the lyrics that will make you hang onto everything she says, and the lovely subtle brass instrumentation that is introduced half way through is a genuine 'goosebump' moment. 'Rewind' takes a little longer to get to know, but the harmonies add a wistful melancholy, and the guitar arrangements are once again a lovely backdrop.

It feels such a privilege sometimes to introduce musicians and songwriters who are not as well known, but are producing such genuinely lovely music and 'Halfway' is just such a delightful debut from 'Signe' and the people of Bath are really lucky to have her performing for them.

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and very occasionally on Twitter.

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