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'YOHIO' - 'Oh My.... Polkadot Politics' (single)

Back in the 'old days' it was traditional for an artist to release 2 or 3 singles (at most) before the release of an album, but clearly the musical world is changing, and we're delighted to update you on the latest release from Swedish sensation 'YOHIO' with, wait for it, the 6th single from his forthcoming album - which is to be entitled 'Neon Light Orchestra'. Of course we don't really mind at all, because each one has been a highly entertaining fusion of pop and progressive rock, and I've no doubt his large and loyal audience are more than happy with any format he chooses to release in.

His latest song is 'Oh My.... Polkadot Politics', where he somehow fuses the likes of 'The Display Team', 'Katzenjammer' and a glitzy Eurovision Song Entry all into one song. This is modern prog rock for 'the kidz', and straight from the outrageous manic fairground (or is it 'Benny Hill?') melody that opens the song, I'm totally enthralled.

This is 'Oh My.... Polkadot Politics':

So the question needs to be asked, is YOHIO the most entertaining artist on the planet? Well maybe we'll make our final judgement after the 10th single from the album is released...

You can find him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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