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'From Scratch' - 'The Plague' (single)

After 'The Little Hands of Asphalt' we'll stay in Norway for an introduction to a band we haven't featured before, but that have started to make a real impression particularly in the last 12 months - notably with a performance at 'Øya', and whom this weekend will make an appearance at 'by:Larm' in Oslo. 'From Scratch', as the name suggests, started from absolutely nothing, but have quickly evolved into an interesting alternative rock band who blend a variety of rock styles together - with progressive and grunge rock influences in particular prominent.

‘The Plague’ is an intriguing track, which really doesn’t conform to any ‘rules’ as such, with a lovely mix of melodies, styles and slightly haphazard instrumentation that somehow all fits together by the end of the song. Even the opening is rather unusual, before a vocal melody is introduced which heads off in a direction you won’t quite expect, and a change in pace sets the track spinning forward. Interspersed with some entertaining percussive elements, the songs main melodic theme blossoms until it’s almost anthemic, and suddenly the whole thing makes complete sense. I really like how different and unconventional their approach is.

Listen to ‘The Plague’ here, it might take a couple of listens....:

We look forward to hearing reports of heir live performance at 'by:Larm', and for more details visit 'From Scratch' on their website, or on Facebook.

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