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Acres Wild (ft Haley Shea)- 'The Sun is Shining' (single)

I described the new No Suits in Miami track yesterday as ‘a perfect sad song for a warm sunny evening, which is all very well, but right now it would probably be preferable to have ‘a perfect happy song for a warm sunny evening’. Thankfully Acres Wild have obliged with their new track ‘The Sun is Shining’, which interestingly features none other than Haley Shea from Norwegian post punk band Sløtface – not the type of vocalist you’d expect to be singing happy songs for warm sunny evenings, but it’s very welcome anyway.

‘Acres Wild’ are a really interesting 5 piece band, whom we featured last year when they released their album ‘Patiently’, bringing together post rock and jangling indie guitar influences in their songwriting – tracks such as ‘Groupthinker’ and ‘SpaceX’ are still real favourites of mine. They’ve had some pretty cool coverage along the way, and have appeared on Spotify viral charts in the USA, as well as music websites across the world.

New track ‘The Sun is Shining’ was released last Friday, and I think you have to stick with it for just a little while, because it opens with a simple enough melody, but when the trumpets kick in becomes irresistible, likeable indie pop with a gentle warmth that should be really appreciated in dark times. It's a much lighter song than we've heard before from Acres Wild, but such are their talents I feel they could write a song in pretty much any musical style they wanted.

Songwriter Marcus even has some bold ambitions for the song, ‘’It’s an undisputed fact that all breakups happen when it’s raining. This song aims to help couples stay together.’’, whilst guest vocalist Haley describes it as ‘’a perfect spring-time bop to calm the anxious feelings we're all probably struggling with these days”.

Anyway the good news is that a new Acres Wild album entitled ‘Appropriate Music’ will be with us in September. For me personally, it will be one of my most look forward to album releases this year.

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