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  • Andy

Agaton 🇸🇪 - 'About Beyond' (single)

Just another quick one tonight, because it's a song that's really captivated me, even if I have hardly any info on the artist.

Agaton is a Swedish singer songwriter from Gothenburg who's released 2 tracks, the first was a slightly heavier pulsing electro pop track entitled 'Grey' released back in 2021, but it's her latest track 'About Beyond' released just today which I've found so powerful, and so beautifully written.

It opens simply with acoustic guitar and a gorgeous sparse vocal melody that draws you into the music, before gradually layering on other instruments and sounds until the full weight of the arrangements just carries the track forward. Meanwhile Agaton's vocals just sit delicately on top of the music offering her plaintive lyrics right through to the end - 'I just worry about beyond'.

This new song has completely blown me away, and I've just had it on repeat at high volume filling every corner of the house. I really hope we get more songs in a similar style, but in the meantime I'll just remember what a privilege it is to find and share music like this.

'About Beyond' is released through Mara Sounds. Find Agaton on Instagram.


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