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  • Andy

Ambia 🇸🇪 - 'For a While (Remix) by August Petrén)'

One of my recommended albums this week was a live recording by Swedish instrumental post rock outfit Star of Heaven, which was recorded in a church last year - I've been listening to it again today, it reminds me of that excellent Ghosts on TV live performance from a couple of years ago.

For those that like that particular genre I'd also recommend the new release by Swedish project Ambia, created by duo Ingmar Olsén and Robert Nilssen. Their new track 'For a While (Remix)" is a reinterpretation by composer / songwriter August Petrén of an older track released last year, but that hardly matters given I didn't write about it the 1st time.

I've listened to both the original version and the new interpretation, and they're both highly recommended: atmospheric, beautifully written, with some subtle vocals adding both an extra melodic as well as textural element. The duo say they wanted to enhance the 'cinematic' side of the track, hence the rework, and I guess that's been accomplished.

The vocals in particular remind me of another Swedish project we featured frequently on these pages, Valsaland, who we haven't heard from since 2022. But anyway this certainly puts Ambia on our radar too, and we look forward to future releases.

Find Ambia on Facebook or Instagram.

I've referenced Valsaland, and I could go down a rabbit hole for a few hours enjoying their music and trying to find the best example to compare to Ambia, but I'll just go with their debut release from a few years ago.


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