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Anna Leone (Sweden) - ‘Still I Wait’ (single)

I wrote about Swedish indie folk songwriter Anna Leone at the start of the year, but wasn’t sure when we would next hear from her. She seems to be very selective and careful about the releases she puts out, however another new track suggests maybe she’s well on the way towards her debut album.

I’m convinced that when she gets to that point it will make a huge impression, and for all the right reasons.

As I explained previously Anna Leone is not the type of artist who necessarily seeks fame or fortune, a shy reclusive girl who learnt guitar as a youngster mainly it seems because she loved the solitude of her guitar and just simply being able to learn her favourite songs on it. Picked up by a small French label in 2017 her more recent tracks have found their way around the world, and featured quite heavily on Radio 6.

Latest song ‘Still I Wait’ glides along effortlessly, and Leone has this most thoughtful, expressive style, with a sensitivity and gentle emotion that feels just so natural. It’s no wonder that people are so captivated by her music.

She’s released another video to this track also, and she’s been explaining more about it.

I’ve usually been alone in my music videos, this is the first time I’ve worked with other people on-screen. It was interesting to depict loneliness in a different way. How people can be close together but still feel disconnected and how it can be a challenge to reach out in isolation… The building we were in turned out to be an abandoned hospital, and it was a night shoot, which combined made for a pretty special atmosphere. Nearly everything in the video was filmed with a large crane camera which went in and out of the windows, it was almost like a character in itself.”

I really like that simple vision she creates about the crane, she just has this nice perspective on life that makes me warm to her.

I‘ve no idea when she will get to an album, but there’s no rush, she’ll do it when she’s ready.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram.


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