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Army of Moths 🇬🇧 🇳🇴 - 'The Trouble with Norman' (single)

I always find myself on New Years Eve trying to predict, Nostradamus style, what the following year will bring to the world. It's been a curious few years for a whole host of reasons, and whilst I'm frequently wrong on most topics of use, I'm going to boldly suggest that Army of Moths releasing a new single at approx 11pm on New Years Eve, is as good an indication as you'll ever get that 2024 is going to be a positively exhilarating year, packed full of wonder and happiness for all - well all except for poor old King Charles of course, given Nostradamus' prediction that in 2024 the 'king of the isles will be driven from his throne' .

Releasing a single at that time on New Years Eve is a very Army of Moths thing to do, an outfit who do whatever they want for the sheer love and pleasure of writing and releasing music. The duo describe their music on Bandcamp as"barrages of noises, all bundled together like a black plastic bag full of broken pop music, thrown in the boot of a Ford Cortina and driven into a river of psychedelia, only to resurface with a head full of punk angst....or something" and no-one will ever better that description,

'The Trouble with Norman' is a beautiful curiosity of a track, that immediately does what AOM do best, which is launch itself into an irresistible melody, supported with some twinkling instrumental interludes that have a lovely Cardiacsy feel. I particularly like the contrasts of Debz vocals half way through, followed by a driving guitar crescendo into a cacophony of noise and 'Norman' chanting. Hugely entertaining and so distinctively moth like.

Of course as always the duo have been supported by some fine people, with the mastering courtesy of Norwegian superstar André Lund (Ocean of Lotion), who was last spotted in Taiwan with just 7 dollars in his pants, and additional piano and vocals provided by Chris Anderson, who unless I was dreaming it, may have possibly once been in a band with Nick Triani from Finnish label Soliti.

I have no idea when the album 'The Chaos Emporium' will exactly be released but probably when it's ready, and when they want us to hear it. We will all be very grateful anyway.

Find them on Bandcamp. There's also a Facebook group somewhere.


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