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  • Andy Wors

Asthmatic Harp - 'Bird of Paradise'

I particularly like coming across Nordic musicians based in the UK, as there always seems a genuinely realistic chance of getting to see live performances, so it's great to be able to introduce Danish born, but Glasgow based, Asthmatic Harp.

Behind the moniker is the musician Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones, and it’s pretty remiss of us not to have come across her before, as she’s clearly made an impression in the last few years. Her debut EP ‘Lost Astronaut’ was particularly well received in the music press, and whilst based in London she was selected for the Roundhouse Resident Arist program, which is quite an achievement in itself.

Describing Asthmatic Harp’s music is somewhat of a challenge, because she fuses together so many different elements in her music, but for simplicities sake I’ll describe it as alternative folk - albeit with quirky chamber and almost cinematic elements that take the music in a leftfield direction.

On 1st listen ‘Bird of Paradise’ is a nice enough sounding song, it won’t necessarily make a huge instant impression, but that doesn't really matter. For me there’s just so many little things to be appreciated over time, from the distinct ethereal vocals, mellow clarinet, subtle percussive elements and an atmospheric piano – and all told through a fluid songwriting and storytelling structure. After a few listens the melodic chorus will creep into your head, and even though it is still unconventional and quirky, it just all seems to fit together quite perfectly and very naturally.

There’s also a live version of the song, which you can watch here, and the song will be part of an EP which she plans to release in the summer entitled ‘Things We Learned to Live With’.

Anyway if you like ‘Bird of Paradise’ the good news is that 'Asthmatic Harp' will be performing a Live Online concert, through the excellent Danish music platform ‘Low-Fi Concerts’, tomorrow (Sunday) at 8pm. In these dark times this is a great way to see live music, and support Indie musicians like Hannah, and I really hope I’ll be able to watch myself.

Find her on Facebook or Instagram.


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