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Asthmatic Harp - 'To The Boats' (single)

There’s been a few album releases I really want to get writing about but firstly here’s a lovely new track from Danish born but Glasgow based songwriter Asthmatic Harp, which was released a couple of days ago.

Entitled ‘To The Boats’, it’s written as a duet with fellow singer songwriter Sophie Kilburn (check out her track ‘Call Home’, which was released last week), and it’s just such a stripped back, bare track that somehow generates so much power with it. She describes it as a ‘nostalgic duet’, which is pretty accurate and it’s also got a hefty helping of Nordic melancholy – the type that Siv Jakobsen would approve.

Writing about the song, Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones, the artist behind Asthmatic Harp says ‘‘To The Boats’ is a song dedicated to friendship. It speaks of longing for an embrace from a close friend. It pictures the separation, either physical or emotional that can occur between two people, once inseparable.’’

I have a lot of time for her songwriting, and she’s clearly getting some nice attention too, with airplay by Tom Robinson on BBC6 Music, Danish National Radio and blog coverage by the always excellent ‘For the Rabbits’.

Find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course Bandcamp, who today (5th June) are waving their normal fees, so it's a good day to support Indie artists.

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