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Aurora 🇳🇴 - ‘The Gods We Can Touch’ (Album)

I know this is supposed to be a review website, but there’s not a lot of point in writing a review of the new Aurora album ‘The Gods We Can Touch’ when it’s been covered in dozens of other publications, and probably streamed more times than every other artist that I’ve featured this year combined.

But it’s worthy of a brief mention in here because it is genuinely so good, and I’ve done a pretty thorough job this year of covering as many Nordic albums as possible, so it just seemed a shame to miss out.

So this is her 3rd album, following on from ‘A Different Kind of Human’, and what I really like about this is that whilst her music has evolved so much and she is now an ‘electro pop’ megastar, I still feel she‘s still that dreamy ethereal folk pop songwriter at heart too.

Inspired by Greek mythology, there’s enough in the 15 tracks to pick out a favourite. Instinctively the more commercial sounding ‘Giving in to the Love’ is probably not my thing, but heads completely leftfield just over 2 minutes in, whilst the timeless and stripped back ‘Exist for Love’ just again shows how extraordinary her vocals are. Latin rhythms inspire ‘The Innocent’, whilst the pre album release single ‘A Dangerous Thing’ is a twisting, enticing track which fuses Electro pop and folk influences.

Anyway what can I say. Incredible talent, and just lovely to see the album in the UK Top 10, just 7 years on from that very early feature in Nordic Music Review.

Find her on Facebook or Instagram. Or anywhere online.


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