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Bad Sauna 🇫🇮 - ‘Kaikki Kotona’ (single)

It’s not just football that’s apparently coming home (sorry), because according to Bad Sauna, ‘Everything’s Home’. The Finnish indie band have released a track that’s worth listening to simply for the most blisteringly good guitar riff, and if it doesn’t make every new indie guitar track playlist out there, there really is something wrong with the music world.

We’ve featured Bad Sauna before, they’re a 4 piece band from Helsinki, signed to All That Plazz records – the label set up by Aleksi Pahkala,who we have the highest regard for at NMR having been in the likes of a Gim Kordan and The Duplo. They burst in to the scene in 2019 when they released their debut single, and since then have won a newcomer prize at the Finnish indie awards and released an excellent album in December entitled ‘Olen rikas sillä minulla on teidät’ (“I’m Rich Because I’ve Got You”).

New single ‘Kaikki kotona” (Everything’s Home or Everybody’s Home) sits somewhere happily between Dinosaur Jr, The Pixies and Queens of the Stone Age, with the most fabulous guitar racket and a hint of punk attitude. Of course it’s entirely in Finnish, but good noise travels across boundaries, and this is yet another excellent track from the Finnish quartet.

Really good band, and they never disappoint.

Find them on Facebook.


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