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  • David Bentley

Bonander (Sweden): Gone in the Wind (single from forthcoming album)

No PR on this one which is why I’d missed the mid-February release, and I’m guessing ‘Gone in the Wind’ is from ‘Things We Don’t Talk About’, a debut album we mentioned in the previous review, back in November, and which tells the stories of women both from history and her personal life whose contributions have previously been overlooked. It is scheduled for release on 28th May.

Bonander was on my long list for Single of the Year in 2020 with ‘Backseat’ and almost made the final three cut.

She’s a deep artist, who explores feminist and philosophical issues in her work, applying a Goth-like touch to alternative and dark pop along the way. There are several like her in Sweden, Memoria is another who springs readily to mind, and all are capable of creating very atmospheric pieces. There are shades of Anna von Hausswolff in this song as well.

If I’ve understood it correctly the song concerns several topics such as mother/child relationships and women’s role in the world beyond motherhood, and the abandonment of a person who's been close to you like a sister.

There’s an interesting line, “One day you just weren’t there/ Gone in the wind abroad / If I were a grown up, / I wouldn’t have waited for your call”.

Interesting because she said in a preface to the previous release, ‘Backseat’ that sometimes “she feelssad about being a grown up. To have lost that irrational but warm feeling that you are safe no matter what. Instead I clutch my keys in my hand on the way home”.

The title of the album and these two songs suggest to me there may be a common theme running through what may even turn out to be a concept album.

I don’t profess to understand what’s going in the video but there’s a strong hint there that she is a very visual artist who is likely to put on a highly watchable live show. How she will accommodate the pipe organ on this song though is anyone’s guess unless she only performs in cathedrals although I suppose if von Hausswolff can do it then so can Bonander.

I concluded the previous review by saying that she went straight onto my list of must-sees and that wind will have to turn into a Category 5 Hurricane to remove her from it.

The album will be released on the Icons Creating Evil Art label, which I am reliably informed has the second-highest total of artist releases in Sweden in 1H2021, after our old friends at Comedia; the indie section of the business being well ahead of major labels right now. Keeping the business going!

Find her on Facebook or Bandcamp.


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