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  • David Bentley

Boncyan 🇮🇸 – ‘Turn it all around’ (single from EP)

Depressed by all this hot sunny weather? Look no further than Iceland’s ‘mature boy band’, Boncyan to put you under a lava field. Only kidding.

They released their latest single ‘Turn it all around’ on July 16th to kick off their very first EP called ‘Deluge’. Each song will be released separately, one of them featuring Icelandic singer and actress GDRN (but not this one), and the EP will be completed by the release of the last song on the 17th of September.

They say ‘Turn it All Around’ is a song that came to be during the pandemic as “Unable to go outside and live life like you’ve always known, you turn to your phone and start living life digitally. At some point you become aware your screen time is bordering on unhealthy, but somehow can’t seem to snap out of it. So now you’re stuck in this vicious cycle, comparing yourself to others and doing everything for ‘likes,’ unaware of the negative effects it may be having on your ‘real life.’”

Solution. Get rid of your phone. Just crack open a bottle of Brennivin, look out of the window and dream until you pass out.

Boncyan broke onto the scene with their first single ‘It’s on Me’ in October 2020, one that we featured as one of the first boy bands to grace these pages. This song is less jaunty, with just the right dash of melancholy in it to get the ladies pining, but you aren’t going to forget the tune either. And the most important message is that just about everyone will be able to relate to the sentiments. Add to that the ever so slightly East End/Estuary accent a la East 17. Play another day, lads. A guaranteed hit. Simples.

“While the world is slowly returning to normal” (in Iceland maybe, not here, pal) Boncyan are preparing the release of Deluge’s next single, this one featuring GDRN who is currently starring in the popular series ‘Katla’ about an eruption of the dreaded sub glacial volcano whose present dormancy is the longest in its history, and which will be out on August 6th.

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