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Brudini - ‘Radiant Man’ (single)

I came across London based Brudini a while back,, a laid back indie songwriter with a penchant for majestic big ballad style songs. I had no idea he was born in Bergen, but it’s a ‘win win’ for me, as it gives me an excuse to write about him, and also being in the UK the prospects of a live gig are a little higher – although I guess the prospect of live gigs anywhere still seem a distant dream.

Anyway Mr Brudini has been making quite an impression with a series of dark, imaginative but always accessible releases over the last couple of years. Starting with single ‘The Nightcrawler’ back in 2017, he then went on to release ‘Reflections’ last year - which got some airplay on Radio 6, and I think where I came across his name. He’s now heading towards an album release, entitled ‘From Darkness, Light’, due in October this year.

New single ‘Radiant Man’ was released a month or so back, but he’s recently signed with the excellent Bergen label ‘Apollon’ and they’re giving it another push. Quite rightly too, because it’s deserving of a wide audience. Brudini has such an authoritative vocal style that he barely needs any instrumental support, and the melody soars in the right places.

His style of recording is interesting too, purely using analogue instruments only and featuring a jazz drummer Derin Bayhan, along with Casper Hoedemaekers on double bass. The music therefore sounds completely timeless, and I’m not going to guess on influences, because I suspect there’s so many, but if you like any of Scott Walker, John Grant, Last Shadow Puppets, Divine Comedy or Major Parkinson, maybe you’ll find a little something you like in Brudini. That’s everyone right?

If you haven't come across him previously, I'd really recommend all his releases to date. We really look forward to his album in October anyway and maybe if we tell him how cheap the beer is (well, compared to Bergen and London) he’ll come and do a gig in Manchester next year.

Find him on Facebook or Instagram.


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