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‘Canigou’ - ‘You Dance Inside My Chest’ (single)

Way back in 2015 I wrote about the Swedish electronic project Canigou, whom I was attracted to originally after I read their description on Twitter or Bandcamp, which was ‘’A tiny orchestra from Sweden. Summoning atmospheric sounds, spreading the love'. I always thought that just sounded nice.

At the time they’d launched a Kickstarter campaign to try to get funds to record and produce an album of material, but as often is the case with these projects, things move slowly. An album eventually saw the light of day in 2017, but they’re a duo that are clearly continually challenging themselves on their songwriting and sound, and they’re now reworking elements of that album, as well as working on new material.

The result is a further evolution of their sound, and they’re certainly no longer that ‘’tiny orchestra’’ that I first listened to all those years ago. Songwriter Richard described to us that he feels they’re ‘’finally beginning to find our core sound and soul’’.

New track ‘’You Dance Inside My Chest’’, which sounds kind of cute and scary at the same time, has a much bolder sound to it, showing a confidence and authority in both songwriting and production, whilst still maintaining that minimalist spirit in the weaving rhythms. Vocally it’s atmospheric, slightly distorted and the combination is still pretty distinct and original - it’s been a while since I listened to Canigou, but it’s still definitely sounds like them.

Take a listen here.

‘‘You Dance Inside My Chest’’ is from an EP which will be released later this year through taken from Gothenburg label Mara Sounds.

Find them on Facebook.


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