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Caper Clowns (Denmark) - CAPS LOCK ON (single)

It’s probably fair to say that Danish band Caper Clowns are my one of favourite ‘easy listening’ Nordic indie pop bands, with a long history of releasing catchy pop songs with hardly any ‘duds’ amongst them.

Whether recent singles in the run up to their forthcoming album ‘Abdicate The Throne’ have quite reached the heights of their sparkling 2019 release ‘A Salty Taste to the Lake’ is up for debate (not that anyone would want to debate such a trivial matter), but new single ‘CAPS LOCK ON‘ is definitely up with the best of them.

It’s also the perfect music for a warm Friday evening in Spring, because it does have that feel-good factor, so relentlessly upbeat that you might feel the need to reach for your favourite Siv Jakobsen album to balance up the musical mood. Musically they write songs very much in the Squeeze style, although Jellyfish to me are a closer comparison, and ’CAPS LOCK ON‘ is a high tempo track, with memorable tunes and instrumentation which includes subtle sliding strings.

Lyrically this has a bit more to it than some Caper Clowns tracks too, challenging those keyboard warriors who love to try and intensify debates on social media, whilst hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. Not a new idea for a song obviously, but no-one could deny they have a point.

As for that album, it’s not a message to ‘our Liz’, instead encouraging us all to “stop having to be in control at all times.“ Good thinking, just send in your applications to be NMR Editor to the normal address.

The single was released today, and a video to the track will be released on Sunday.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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