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Caper Clowns (Denmark) - ‘I’d Be Me’ (single)

One of the live gigs I was looking forward to seeing last year before ‘the bug’ hit, was the return of Danish band Caper Clowns to Liverpool – they were booked to play at the IPO Festival in May.

Sadly of course that never happened, but maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel, and the Odense Indie Pop quintet are at least releasing new singles ahead of the release of their forthcoming album ‘Abdicate The Throne’, which I don’t think is aimed at ‘our Liz’, but we’ll wait for the press notes to check.

Of course some of our readers may remember Caper Clowns, their album ‘A Salty Taste To The Lake’ was definitely one of my 2018 highlights, a real indie pop classic packed full of good tunes.

New single ‘I’d Be Me’ doesn’t quite reach the heights of my favourite tracks from that last album, but they did set the bar extraordinarily high, and it’s still a really enjoyable song, with a chorus you’ll be singing along to on 1st listen. I always like their vocals, and the song has a hint of melancholy, with contemplative lyrics to go alongside it.

It’s genuinely great to have them back. They’ve even done a socially distanced video to the track, which should be released soon, and they’ll be playing a gig on May 1st In Copenhagen (hopefully) with none other than the excellent Mansfield, whom we also featured recently. Should be a good night, two bands who really know how to write melodies.

They have a website and their on Facebook too,


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