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Captain Sukram - ‘Hey, Little Trouble’ (single)

We featured Norwegian musician Jako Vidal recently on our new Nordic Music Review Playlist, and playing with him at live performances is Markus Dvergastein, a well known guitars originating from Stavanger. His main personal project is Captain Sukram, whom judging from debut track ‘Hey, Little Trouble’ write timeless pop songs, with a big influence from the laid back vibe of the 60’s and 70’s US Westcoast music scene.

On ‘Hey, Little Trouble’ you can also hear Dvergastien’s jazz / improvisation influences too, and that helps take the track to a relaxed, almost horizontal level. He describes it as picturing ‘’two friends in a tired old Cadillac driving into to the LA sunset searching for a great party''. It’s a great image, but it would need to be a party that continues very late into the following day, because they don’t seem in a hurry to get there.

But the track definitely wakes up with the bright brass and (I think) wind section, very much Burt Bacharach inspired, and the combination of the relaxed vocals, extravagant instrumentation and weaving melodies make the whole thing build to a joyous and upbeat conclusion. There’s also a nice attention to detail, for example, the glockenspiel peaking through at the end.

Take a listen here:

Not sure about future plans, I saw mention of an album being made somewhere, and I think it will be interesting, and certainly a little different to most music projects out there right now.

Find Captain Sukram on Instagram.


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