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Close Talker 🇨🇦 - 'From Dark to Lightness' (single)

I wrote about Thistle Shifter yesterday and their powerful video which depicted a journey from darkness to light, so we're on a theme here, although this time it's courtesy of Canadian band Close Talker, with their single on the subject.

Similarly to NMR they've been around for about a decade, but of course we haven't featured them previously given we've only just started to officially peek at music outside the Nordic countries. They've released 4 albums, toured extensively and their back catalogue is well worth checking out if you're Nordic / UK based and haven't come across them - they're a melodic alternative band, writing with warmth and interesting ideas musically and lyrically.

'From Dark to Lightness' is a powerful song, it builds in intensity, each section is instrumentally rich, with dynamic contrasts and an impressive climax. But it's also the accompanying video which is so interesting, the perfect complement to the track. It was created by long term Vancouver friend and collaborator Nathan Boey, who as the band suggest is able to balance the feeling you'll get of "what the heck is happening... with an ability to carry you away, down the rabbit hole, getting lost, or found, depending on your outlook."

It's difficult to describe, and even harder to interpret, so just watch and make your own mind up.

Their new album is entitled 'The Sprawl' and I look forward to taking a listen. Find them on Facebook.


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