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  • Andy

Club 8 🇸🇪 - Just Like Heaven (single)

I was going to 'just' post this on a playlist, but Swedish duo Club 8 are always worthy of a few extra words. They're a band we've featured a number of times over the years and that Swedish readers will be particularly familiar with, originally formed back in 1995 by Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård from Poprace, going on to release about 9 albums, countless singles and being rightly described on their Spotify profile as a 'pillar of the Swedish pop scene'.

I'd also recommend Johan Angergård's side project The Legends, which has featured  Karolina Komsted on some tracks too.

They re-emerged late last year with single 'Sunny' and promise a 'string' of releases this year, the latest of which is 'Just Like Heaven', and of course it's quite simply Indie Pop perfection, with understated echoing guitars accompanying Komsted's dreamy melodic vocals.

I also promise it's pretty much impossible to listen to a Club 8 release without getting completely lost in their back catalogue, and it's a place definitely worth escaping to.

Hopefully there will be a new album at some point.

Find them on Facebook.


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