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Club K 🇸🇪 - Glimmering days of the 90’s (EP)

We have the 1st albums of the year to start reviewing, but it's been lovely to get a new EP through from Swedish indie pop band Club K, which was released last week. They're a band I wrote about last in 2020 courtesy of their album '191202', which I discovered thanks to band member Anton Linderoth, who also occasionally pops up in one of our favourite projects, This Heel.

Anyway they've been a frequently listened to band ever since, and not just because of that album, as Club K also like their Christmas songs, and their 2019 EP 'He's Coming' made it on to our Christmas Nordic Indie playlist - and unbeknown to me they also released another EP of festive tracks on December 21st at the end of last year, which will be on this Decembers playlist.

So they are pretty prolific, and 'Glimmering days of the 90's' is natural sounding Indie Pop which seems to flow effortlessly, with the opening title track suiting the title, thanks to a shimmering dream pop feel. 'Decades are over so fast' highlights the bitter sweet nature of those past memories: "I had my teens in the 80's..... didn't feel that special, solitude fits like a glove..... time passes so slowly but decades are over so fast". But actually my favourite is probably the final track, 'Low Ambitions are Ambitions Too', partly because of the great title, but also because of the gorgeous lilting melody, followed by a high energy chorus and powerful instrumental support throughout.

We're doing a special interview with the lovely guys at the Indiefjord Festival over the next few days, and Club K are very much in that mould, organic free flowing indie pop, with easy listening tunes and a feeling that they really do it for the sheer love of their music. They're always welcome on these pages.

Find them on Facebook.


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