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  • David Bentley

Crimsonic (FI) – 'Inside Out' (single from forthcoming album)

Don’t judge the book by the cover. One glance at Crimsonic in their PR ‘artist profile’ and you’d rapidly conclude that these boys aren’t to be messed with.

Uniformly sporting black leather jackets over black t-shirts and with assorted tattoos and scowls, they look like they’ve just stepped off the set of West Side Story, by way of crowd control duties at Altamont. And when I read they had vocal recordings for their forthcoming album ‘Heartsbury’ produced by the guy who produces Lordi (the Eurovision winners who looked like they’d just arrived from Mars will evil intent) then it was easy to figure out that their rock would be loud and severe. Wrong.

What I should also have read is that the main album producer is also responsible for Apolyptica, a symphonic metal band. Now I’m on home territory, Finnish symphonic metal, Nightwish ‘n all.

But that’s not the real story either. While they’ve nailed a tune here in true symphonic metal style they are really a rock band pure and simple and this particular song, the third to be released from the album is by all accounts representative of the “easier side” of their work. Having listened to previous single ‘Hey Now’ I can see where they’re coming from there. Easy listening hard rock; you’ll find it all here, folks.

It isn’t a demanding song, musically or lyrically, but let’s face it we don’t want to be listening to stuff that could be in the Times Literary Supplement or the Financial Times Weekend pages all the time, do we? It’s great cruising music, pure and simple.

And there’s a neat little guitar break that has ‘Bible Belt’ state written all over it, think Tom Petty (yeah, he was from Florida but it’s in the south), or Lynyrd Skynyrd (also Florida, though they tend to be associated with ‘Sweet Home Alabama’).

I can’t remember the last time I used a motorway but I’m certain this album would make for perfect accompaniment on the next long drive.

‘Inside Out’ was released on 30 July. We don’t have a date for the album yet.


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