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Daði Freyr & Gagnamagnið (Iceland) - ‘10 Years’ (Icelandic Eurovision Entry)

Last years Eurovision Song Contest was obviously cancelled due the pandemic, which was particularly harsh on Icelandic songwriter Daði Freyr, who was hot favourite for victory with his song ‘Think About Things’.

He was selected again for this years competition, creating the challenge of how to match (or even better) last years performance and video.

I think it’s safe to say that he’s achieved that with the brilliant and slightly absurd ’10 Years’, with Daði Freyr and his Eurovision band Gagnamagnið being summoned by the ‘Mayor of Iceland’ to fight a monster attacking remote Icelandic farmhouses, using their dance moves as weapons, and through the creation of their own robot Iron Man.

Is the song actually as good as last years? Who cares, because it’s all just great fun.

The video was released today and directed by Guðný Rós Þórhallsdóttir, with the support I think of about half of Iceland, if the credits are anything to go by.

I’m going to boldly predict he’ll finish above the UK entry, which doesn’t quite seem to be up to its normal standard this year. I know that sounds difficult to believe. Anyway I’ll try and cover all the Nordic entries in the next couple of weeks.

Looks like his UK dates have been rearranged for November, starting in Birmingham at the O2 Institute on November 18th.

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