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  • Harri

Damen 🇸🇪 - Dancing Dingo (Single)

Before anything else, can I just say how extremely happy I am to be contributing to Nordic Music Review again? The past few months have been a whirlwind of juggling university and work, but now I'm back to doing what truly fuels my passion and that is writing about music. (Andy is happy I’m back too, I can tell.)

To jumpstart my comeback, I’m super ecstatic to do a review on a song that resonates with my soul: Damen’s Dancing Dingo. Starting out in 2015, Damen consists of Danial Bin Ismail Ärlig (vocals/guitar), David Nordell (bass), Adrian Gejrot (drums), and Gustav Bondesson (guitar) from Gothenburg, Sweden. This Swedish four-piece band is signed under the music label VÅRØ Records, but has independently released some songs prior.

'Dancing Dingo' is a look back at one’s youth, regrets, and what-if’s. It is a stellar example of a signature Damen track: rich in drums, upbeat tempo, and dynamically soothing vocals.

Although it is quite noting to the sensitive ear that electronic elements have found their way into this new song. This band gives me major Arcade Fire vibes (which I practically grew up on), and if you dive into their earlier tracks, you'll see that Damen sure knows how to execute a damn good buildup. It's the kind of song you'd crank up when you need some inspiration to lift yourself up from a tough spot—a tune that gets you moving and moves your heart, too.

It’s been over two years since Damen’s last release, and 'Dancing Dingo' is the first single from their upcoming album. Whenever that new album is coming, we’re ready for it. We’re here for it.

Keep on track with Damen by following them on Facebook and listen to them on Spotify.


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