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Damen 🇸🇪 - ‘Everything Falls Apart’ (Album)

Harri wrote about Damen a couple of months ago when they released a great single called 'Dancing Dingo', and the Gothenburg 4 piece have now got around to releasing album 'Everything Falls Apart', their second album and a follow up to acclaimed debut 'Segrada Familia', which was voted as Album of the Year by our friends at website Minnis2Society (now called Nordic Watchlist), which offers great Nordic Film and TV recommendations as well as music.

Anyway it's a short release at 8 tracks, just over 30 minutes long, but as you'd expect from these guys it's packed full of melodies and easy to listen to Indie guitar and keyboard based tracks. It opens with that earlier single highlight 'Dancing Dingo', an early Arcade Fire tinged track, but for me the highlight is '24 Hour News Cycle', a beautifully structured track, which builds to a chorus that hits the right note musically and lyrically, highlighting as it does the cycle of scaremongering reactionary news stations, which just love to spread fear and hate simply to boost ratings:

"Whoever screams the loudest wins the fight , you can say whatever but what's the price? 24 hour new cycle, stay on your toes, what's the context no-one knows".

The intense peak of that song is is my favourite part of the album, but the album flows enjoyably, with the fluid 'Losing Sleep' tripping along nicely, and title track 'Everything Falls Apart' wrapped in typical Indie melancholy. Definitely worth a listen.

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